How to Become a Translator without a Degree


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What you’ll learn

  • Use your knowledge of multiple languages to earn extra money
  • Where to look for and find work as a freelance translator
  • The proper way to structure a freelance translation resume
  • Where to acquire translation experience
  • The tools needed to become a freelance translator


  • Excellent knowledge of 2 languages (your native language and another language)
  • This course is not language specific (although it is taught in English)
  • A reliable computer and internet connection

Starting out as a new translator can be an overwhelming process (I know it all too well)! Especially if you don’t have a translation degree.

That’s why I’ve created this course, Breaking Into the Translation Industry. It’s perfect for anyone who’s beginning or thinking about starting their journey into freelance translation and doesn’t want to waste months of their time Googling all of the information and making all of the mistakes I did!

I teach you exactly what you need to know (and nothing else) and how I (someone without a translation degree) broke into the translation industry and am now a full time freelance translator living in Tenerife, Spain (if you don’t know where that is, it’s basically paradise)

This course will take you from “no experience and no degree” to “having the confidence and everything you’ll need to start bidding on paid work”

This course will teach you how to use your knowledge of languages to make money as a freelance translator

  • Use your language skill to earn money through freelance translation
  • Learn where to look for and find jobs translating
  • Find out how to get experience translating (if you don’t have any already hintvolunteer)
  • How to find the best translation agencies to work for
  • Where to ask questions and get help
  • Boost your translation resume
  • Download your first CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation) It’s free!

Here’s what others are saying:

“Amazing, amazing, AMAZING course. Thank you so much… After I was told I couldn’t take a Masters in Translation without taking specific (and costly) modules, I thought that a career in translation was impossible… This course has been unbelievably useful, and now (I hope!) I can begin my journey to become a professional translator. For anyone wishing to pursue a career in translation – this course is essential. It is wonderfully organised and simple to understand. Can’t thank you enough, Andrew!” – Freyja Bullen

I’ve tried to get into the only university that teaches translation in my country or at least the only one that appears on the map but since it just offers 30 spots and yearly there are more than 1500 taking the entrances exam I thought it was going to take a lot of time preparing myself to enter to finally be able to do something I want. But now I actually see a possibility

This course is meant as a reference. It DOES NOT teach you how to translate, but rather how to build a translation business through the tried and true methods I used to go from no experience to a full-time translator.

This will not be easy! Remember, this is to build a career not make cookies. Each module has 1 lecture and 1 activity that will get you closer to your goal. You need to do all of them in order to become a freelance translator.

Come along with me on this journey. I don’t promise it will be an easy one, but I do promise that at the end you’ll know exactly what it takes to be a successful freelance translator, how to get your first paid job and take back control of your life!

Let’s get you started on your dream career to becoming a location-independent freelance translator so you can work on what you want, when you want to work on it and (most importantly) where you want to work on it!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner freelance translators
  • Multilingual individuals looking to make extra money

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How to Become a Translator without a Degree


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